WLMP Board Working Groups

The WLMP Board is a both working board that provides WLMP Board Members with hands on leadership development and also business and organizational skills development opportunities. We have a number of working groups that work to further the WLMP’s mission and help deliver the WLMP Program within its Chapters.

WLMP Alumna Network – This working group focuses on engaging and developing the WLMP Alumna Network  as well as generating programs and events that engage the WLMP Alumna.

WLMP Awards Program – This working group develops assesses and adjudicates the WLMP Awards. These awards are usually handed out at  local WLMP University Chapter’s Legal Leaders Breakfasts.

WLMP Communications– This is a hands on skills development committee. Membership in this working group is open not only to all WLMP Alumna but also any registered WLMP Participants who are law school students, who are interested in lending their social media and communications skills to extending the work of the WLMP.

WLMP Professional Development Programming – This working group develops the WLMP’s professional development education programming aimed at meeting the WLMP University Participants where they are currently in their legal careers.  They also focus on establishing the WLMP’s Certification Program, which showcases  both the mentorship and leadership skills that WLMP Participants develop over the years through their Chapter participation.