Start a WLMP Law School Chapter

The WLMP is a national not-for-profit that works in partnership with Canadian law schools to provide comprehensive feminist legal mentorship programming. The goal of the WLMP is to help women develop a mentorship and leadership support network that helps them throughout their legal careers from the classroom to the courtroom and beyond.

Where was the WLMP’s first law school Chapter?
The first WLMP Chapter was established in 2011 at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Common Law.

The WLMP was founded by Charlotte Wolters (Founder) in October 2010, when she approached her law school professor about creating an integrated feminist mentorship program. The concept stemmed from her previous professional experience and from observing the law school’s student culture.

Ms. Wolters then brought together eight female law students to establish the first chapter and pilot project at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Common Law with her. These eight female law school students became the WLMP uOttawa Chapter Co-Founders.

How does the WLMP’s Mentorship Program work?
Each chapter is student led and governed by a strategic coordinating committee that establishes and runs the WLMP’s mentorship model. This model has three integrated components: Peer Mentorship, Professional Development & Leadership Events and Student-Lawyer Mentorship.

How does the WLMP set-up a law school WLMP-Chapter?
The WLMP does extensive research before contacting a law school to set-up a WLMP Chapter. An invitation is extended to both Faculty and female law students and the work begins. The WLMP hopes to establish its second Chapter no later than 2015.

When the WLMP works with a law school to establish the program, the members of that Chapter’s first strategic coordinating committee are given the title of “co-founder’ for their chapter. For example: “WLMP uOttawa Chapter Co-Founder”.

How can I start a WLMP Chapter at my law school?
The WLMP does extensive research before contacting a law school to set-up a WLMP Chapter. Student and Faculty support are critical for the establishment of any WLMP Chapter.

If you feel your law school would make a good candidate for establishing a WLMP Chapter, then contact the WLMP at Please use the subject line: New Chapter Request.


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