WLMP Legal Mentor- Apply Today

The WLMP’s Student-Lawyer Mentorship (“SLM”)Program is a component of the WLMP’s unique mentorship programming. Any woman who has obtained a law degree(s), has been Called to a Bar in Canada and is in good standing can apply to be a WLMP Legal Mentor.

What is the  required time commitment?
Every WLMP Legal Mentor is expected to provide 2 hours a month of mentorship. Mentorship takes all forms. It can include in-person meetings or virtual meetings (phone, email, Skype, Facetime, What’s App and other virtual platforms).

What is the WLMP’s Virtual Mentorship Program?
To help WLMP Participant Mentees  connect with mentors working across Ontario, Canada, North America or elsewhere, the WLMP created a Virtual Mentorship experience.  Mentors and mentees registered in the WLMP’s Virtual Mentorship Program meet via Skype or phone for 2 hours per month.

What is Expected of Legal Mentors?
The WLMP Legal Mentor and Mentee decide how to spend their two hours a month. The matched WLMP Legal Mentors and Mentees must fill out the WLMP’s Mentorship Expectations Form during their first meeting and submit it to the WLMP Chapter they are working with. The WLMP’s Expectations Form helps legal mentors and mentees develop a framework for their mentorship relationship.

  • As a registered WLMP Legal Mentor, I understand that I will be receiving information from the WLMP  regarding mentoring, upcoming events, guest speakers and other volunteer opportunities. 
    • All information gathered from this form will be kept confidential and will only serve for the purposes of WLMP mentorship matching.
Please note: The WLMP reserves the right not to match a legal mentor applicant with a WLMP mentee.