Do you have the Grit you need?

Grit. We’re not talking about the dust that blows into your eyes. Grit is the strength of character, courage, resolve, perseverance, determination and endurance a person has and displays under pressure. It’s also something that helps a person bounce back in the face of adverse circumstances.

If there is one area that requires grit, then it’s the law. It doesn’t matter if you are studying the law or practicing law. Grit is an integral component. It’s that element that leaders inhabit and mentors can help nurture.

Travis Bradberry, a contributor to Leadership section, has pulled together a listical outlining the “11 Signs You Have The Grit You Need to Succeed”. You can read it here.


WLMP uOttawa Chapter Participants Learn How to Put Human Rights in Action

by WLMP uOttawa Chapter

On Tuesday February 17, 2015 the WLMP uOttawa Chapter held its 2015 Equity event entitled: Human Rights and You – The Law in Action.

The WLMP uOttawa’s annual equity event featured Juliet Knapton, an Ottawa based lawyer and educator, who drew on her legal experience and her knowledge of human rights. Ms. Knapton discussed how students can equip themselves with the tools and understand issues related to harassment, discrimination, racial biases and stereotyping that might occur in a workplace.

University of Ottawa WLMP Chapter Participants were given information on the legislative framework applicable to Ontario as well as the responsibilities under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005.  Then Ms. Knapton, using an interactive skills development focused session, worked with students to understand how to put human rights legislation into practice.

Through a highly interactive session, students were given various scenarios demonstrating the kinds of discrimination, harassment and stereotyping that could occur in a workplace.  WLMP uOttawa Participants then discussed prospective solutions and approaches to reacting to incidents of harassment, discrimination or bias.

Ms. Knapton emphasized that as new lawyers law school students play an important role in bringing forward a new perspective and have the ability to make changes within the workplace to reduce incidents of harassment and discrimination in the legal profession.

Juliet Knapton and WLMP uOttawa Participants working on equity scenarios
Juliet Knapton and WLMP uOttawa Participants working on equity scenarios