Still Confused About Mansplaining?

Mansplaining is more than a buzzword. The word is descriptive and explains itself. The primary purpose behind mansplaining is to silence a person.

Maybe you’re doubting the reality or frequency of mansplaining, or you’re wondering if there’s any science to back up this phenomena. If so, then check out this video produced by Upworthy showing not only some of the various mansplaining techniques, but also the frequency in which women are silenced from classroom spaces, to office spaces, to traditional media and social media and onwards.

Next time you receive some mansplaining, you may want to consider explaining to them how disrespectful it is to all people.


The Votes are in & Ontario’s Benchers for the Next 4 years are…

The votes have been cast and counted. The following is the list of newly elected Law Society of Upper Canada Benchers who will be shaping Ontario’s legal profession for the next four years.

Elected Benchers Outside of Toronto listed by last name:

  • Evans, Robert F.
  • Spurgeon, Andrew
  • Sharda, Raj
  • Beach, Peter
  • Braithwaite, Jack
  • Bickford, Fred J W
  • Donnelly, Teresa
  • McGrath, Susan T.
  • Horvat, Jacqueline A.
  • Corbiere, Dianne G.
  • Hartman, Carol
  • St. Lewis, Joanne
  • Richer, Susan Armatage
  • MacLean, M. Virginia
  • Lerner, Michael M.
  • Earnshaw, Ross F.
  • Cooper, Paul M.
  • Criger, Janis P.
  • Udell, Jerry B.
  • Vespry, M. Anne 

Elected Benchers Inside Toronto listed by last name:

  • Minor, Janet E. (Treasurer)
  • Leiper, Janet
  • Anand, Raj
  • Schabas, Paul B.
  • Falconer, Julian
  • Bredt, Christopher
  • Nishikawa, Sandra Y.
  • Lem, Jeffrey W.
  • Goldblatt, Howard
  • Papageorgiou, Gina
  • Troister, Sidney H.
  • Galati, Rocco
  • McDowell, William C.
  • Groia, Joseph
  • Murchie, Barbara
  • Mercer, Malcolm
  • Callaghan, John
  • Wardle, Peter C.
  • Go, Avvy Yao-Yao
  • Rosenthal, Jonathan M.

The Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (“WLMP”) would like to congratulate all the lawyers who put their names forward in the 2015 Bencher Elections. Ensuring the voices of all Ontario lawyers are represented at Convocation is important not just for lawyers, but for all Ontarians.

We look forward watching how the incoming Benchers tackle the challenges facing Ontario’s legal community and increase access to justice for all Ontarians.

For more information about the 2015 Bencher Elections, check out the Law Society of Upper Canada’s webpage:

Be An Advocate for Your Legal Profession – Cast Your Vote Today!

Law Society Picture stainglass

Lawyers are advocates. They advocate for their clients in hopes of helping them move toward positive resolutions. Yet, lawyers often forget to advocate for themselves. They forget that they have the ability to shape the legal profession not just through their bar associations, but also their law societies.

In Ontario, the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Convocation will make countless decisions over the next four years. These decisions will shape the future of the profession, impact clients and also every individual lawyer in Ontario.

What happens at Convocation doesn’t stay at Convocation. Ultimately, the decisions made there don’t stay there, but go on to permeate every aspect of Ontario’s legal profession. That’s why we urge you to take 15 minutes and advocate for yourself.

It’s easy to forget about advocating for yourself when you’re busy advocating for others. Take the time and vote today. Voting closes on at 5:00 PM (EDT) on April 30, 2015.

For more information on voting check out the Law Society’s website:

WLMP Alumnae GTA Chapter Announced! /Le Chapitre des anciennes du PMDF du RGT a été annoncé

The WLMP National is excited to announce the establishment of the WLMP Alumnae, Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Chapter.

Areesha Zubair of Wood Gold LLP is chairing the GTA WLMP Alumnae Chapter. Areesha is both a former uOttawa Faculty of Common Law graduate and former WLMP Peer Mentor. Her areas of practice include family law, immigration law and civil litigation.

Areesha is a steadfast supporter of women’s initiatives and is dedicated to promoting the retention of women in the law and equity issues. The WLMP National is excited by her alumnae development plans and vision.


Le PMDF National est heureux  d’annoncer l’établissement d’un chapitre des anciennes du PMDF dans la région du grand Toronto (RGT).

Areesha Zubair, Wood Gold s.r.l. est la présidente du chapitre des anciennes PMDF de l’RGT. Areesha est une ancienne du programme de common law à l’université d’Ottawa ainsi qu’une ancienne mentore du PMDF au programme de mentorat de paire.

Areesha est une partisane ardente des initiatives des femmes. Elle se consacre à la promotion des femmes dans la profession juridique et à la revendication de l’équité. Le PMDF se réjouit de ses plans de développement et de sa vision pour les anciennes du programme.