New Report Suggests It Will Take Decades for Women to Achieve Equality on Corporate Boards

Women are constantly told they need to take a seat at the table. However, it’s hard to do when there are no open seats. A new report on the state of corporate boards in the United States of America suggests it will take decades for women to achieve equality on corporate boards.

Julie Zeilinger, staff writer for Identities.Mic outlines the report. Read it here.

Since lawyers are often asked to serve on community and corporate boards, the WLMP advocates for promoting the inclusion and promotion of women on board. In 2014, we created a special WLMP University Chapter level module shedding light on how boards function along with a skills based session. We encourage those women interested in serving on boards to read the report.



Great Read in on Lawyer Bullies

Lawyers in the first few years of their career, no matter their age, face many challenges. One of the most daunting challenges is facing senior opposing counsel whether in court, mediation, negotiation or even in the same office. What do you do? What can you do?
We think this article in has published a very helpful article as part of their New Layer Series. Their most recent post focuses on lawyer bullies. To learn more click here.

Today’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities!

Accommodating Persons with Disabilities is a duty. A large part of that is creating spaces and workspaces through inclusive design.  How inclusive are the spaces you pass through, visit or live and work in?

Learn more about the duty to accommodate by visiting the Ontario Human Rights Commission policy and guidelines.


Checkout Podcast Focused on New Lawyers has uploaded a podcast for new lawyers. Alan Dershowitz was interviewed regarding his book Letters to a Young Lawyer. Although the focus is on lawyering in the United States. There is a lot of valuable information.

To learn more, checkout the blog Young Smart and Legal and follow the links.