Still Confused About Mansplaining?

Mansplaining is more than a buzzword. The word is descriptive and explains itself. The primary purpose behind mansplaining is to silence a person.

Maybe you’re doubting the reality or frequency of mansplaining, or you’re wondering if there’s any science to back up this phenomena. If so, then check out this video produced by Upworthy showing not only some of the various mansplaining techniques, but also the frequency in which women are silenced from classroom spaces, to office spaces, to traditional media and social media and onwards.

Next time you receive some mansplaining, you may want to consider explaining to them how disrespectful it is to all people.


#LawNeedsFeminismBecause… #LeDroitABesoinDuFéminismeCar…

If you haven’t checked out the Feminist Collective of McGill Law’s latest photo campaign #LawNeedsFeminismBecause / #LeDroitABesoinDuFéminismeCar, then you really should.

Sajeda-#LawNeedsFeminismBecause project
Sajeda,Feminist Collective at McGill Law project

In 2014, the Feminist Collective of McGill Law held its first photo campaign focusing on why people self identify as feminist, which was featured in the HuffingtonPost.

This year’s photo campaign explores feminism at McGill Law school by looking at why law needs feminism. According to the project website, “over 30 participants finished the sentence ‘law needs feminism because / le droit a besoin du feminisme car’ and lined up one by one for their portrait to be taken by professional photographer, Whitney Lewis-Smith.”

We think this is a great project and we hope that all lawyers, law students and feminists help spread the awareness of why the #LawNeedsFeminismBecause /#LeDroitABesoinDuFéminismeCar .

Click here to check out the #LawNeedsFeminismBecause / #LeDroitABesoinDuFéminismeCar project.

Your Mid-Week Feminist Inspiration!

It’s Wednesday. You’re half way through the work week. So if you need a little inspiration, we’ve recommend the following.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDx TALK
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian novelist and feminist, who in 2013 inspired women around the world. Her “We should all be feminists” TEDx Talk made the cases for why all everyone should be feminist, but also challenged us to all look how our gender constructions function and perpetuate injustice. 

Let Beyoncé’s Flawless, Grown Woman and Formation Inspire You
Beyoncé is an artist and activist. She’s also a fearless feminist! These are some of our favourite feminist Beyoncé tunes.

Flawless ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie  samples parts of Adichie’s TEDx Talk. 

Grown Woman will help you shake off any mid-week slump and get you walking with a vengeance.

Everyone’s heard a lot about Queen Bey’s latest song and video Formation. But what’s been lost in all the fearful chatter is that not only is this a great song that will get you wanting to get into formation, but the video was directed by Beyoncé. To watch Beyoncé’s video Formation click here.

M.I.A.’s Bad Girls

M.I.A. (Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam) is an English musician, activist, visual artist and director. Her song Bad Girls makes pretty much every list of top feminist anthems.

Enjoy! Check back later this week as we continue to spotlight, post information and links a about the contributions of Black women in recognition and celebration of Black History Month. Gives You 5 Reason the term “Feminism” Empowers

Suzannah Weiss, writing for, outlines five reasons why the word “Feminism” empowers, rather than alienates people. We think they’re work reading.

Weiss points out that “[o[bjections to the word “feminism” often stem from implicit objections to the movement itself. Some people don’t want to identi[f]y with a word associated with women because they don’t want to acknowledge that women are disadvantaged or change that fact.” We hear this perspective a lot from law school students.

With over 50% of law school classrooms being filled with female students, many people don’t think the representation of women in the legal profession is an equity issue. However, upon reviewing the many reports issued by the Law Society of Upper Canada it’s clear that retention of women in the law is an issue. It’s a feminist issue.

Equity and promoting equality for everyone is at the heart of feminism. If you’re wondering why or need some reasons for why feminism empowers, we suggest reading Suzannah Weiss’s  5 Reasons The Word “Feminism” Is Empowering, Not alienatingg here.


SNL, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler & Amy Schumer Showcase the Feminist Ethos Behind the “Squad”

The terms “Squad” and “Squad Goals” are everywhere lately. The terms appear alongside Facebook, Instagram and Tumbler posts and occasionally on Twitter for the older “squad” hashtag set. It’s one of those words people are using and everyone knows what it means, but also doesn’t.

Squad relates to a group of female friends that hangout with you and who have your back no matter what. Squad and squad goals are feminist, but doesn’t mean squads are women only groups. A feminist squad at its core is equitable. It includes all genders, ethnicities, classes and professions. Life can get complicated. Without your squad where would you be? 

Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video, featured below,  took the squad concept to a new level.

How SNL, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler along with Amy Schumer Show What’s a Real Squad in “Dope Squad” (Spoliers below)

In response to the question “how do you juggle it all?”, Fey and Poehler challenge the concept of Squad and Squad goals as a silly empty group of gal pals. They show their nannies,  the server at a restaurant, mammogram technicians, a man who returned a lost wallet, their shared gynecologist and the list goes on and then sends up the images of Hollywood Squads.

Women at the top of their profession often detail how they created their own bespoke support network, or feminist “squad”. That’s the point. You don’t need to do it all. You just need a squad with feminist squad goals to help you reach your full potential.

If you didn’t think your squad and your squad goals were feminist, then take a good look at your squad. We think you’ll find — you’ve got feminist squad goals.

Thanks SNL, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Amy Schumer for showcasing feminist ethos of the squad!