Who are WLMP Alumna?

Who are the WLMP Alumna?

The WLMP Alumna are:

  • all female law school graduates who participated as a mentee and eventual mentor in a WLMP Chapter while attending law school;
  • all WLMP Legal Mentors who registered with the WLMP and are mentoring WLMP Participants; and,
  • all Honourary WLMP Alumna Members. These are lawyers and judges, who are granted WLMP Honourary Alumna status in recognition of their support of the WLMP and who could not become a WLMP member either during law school because either a WLMP University Chapter was not established at their law school, or who are unable to act as a WLMP Legal Mentor for reasons that are not inconsistent with the mission and goal of the WLMP.

Our list of WLMP Alumna is growing. As the WLMP Alumna Network grows, the WLMP plans to hold WLMP evenings across Canada and help WLMP Alumna continue to build their own personal mentorship and leadership networks.

The WLMP Alumna Network is free to all eligible WLMP Alumna. To register simply fill out the WLMP Alumna Online Registration Form.

If you’ve been called to the Bar, please check out the Lawyers section of our blog.



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