Register with the WLMP Alumna Network today!

To join the WLMP Alumna Network simply fill out the form below.

Can I join the WLMP Alumna Network?
Yes, if you were registered and participated in the WLMP Chapter at your law school, and graduated from law school and are considered to be in good standing and were never removed from any WLMP Program, then you qualify as WLMP Alumna.

Is there a cost for joining the WLMP Alumna Network?
No. The WLMP Alumna Network is free to all those WLMP Alumna who fulfill the WLMP Alumna criteria and have completed the WLMP Alumna Network registration form below.

Can WLMP Legal Mentors join the WLMP Alumna?
Yes. All WLMP Legal Mentors who are registered with the WLMP through a local WLMP University Chapter are considered part of the WLMP Alumna. Simply fill out the Alumna Network Registration form below.

  • As a registered WLMP Alumna, I understand that I will be receiving information from the WLMP regarding legal mentoring, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.
  • All information from the WLMP Alumna form will be kept confidential and will only serve for the purposes of WLMP alumna and mentorship matters.