WLMP Alumna Network

The WLMP is launching its WLMP Alumna Network Development in 2016.

The WLMP Alumna Network helps women connect beyond the classroom. As women law school graduates move into the courtroom and beyond, the WLMP Alumna Network helps WLMP Alumna establish their own personalized mentorship and legal networks. As well as providing a space for both mentorship opportunities and CPD sessions focused on the needs of WLMP Alumna.

Who can join a WLMP Alumna Network?
WLMP Alumna Network membership is open to all WLMP Alumna, who either graduated from law school and participated in a WLMP Chapter at their law school, or are registered as a WLMP Legal Mentor.

All WLMP Alumna Network members must be considered to be in good standing and have never been removed from the WLMP Program.

To learn more about the WLMP Alumna Network membership, please email the WLMP at: wlmp.pmdf@gmail.com with the subject line [WLMP ALUMNA Network].



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