Spotlight on Paradigm Law Group LLP

A fantastic article about Paradigm Law Group LLP:

“Chaisson admitted to having the same dream, but for a different reason. “I’d always wanted to start a female-run business,” says the 32-year-old, “to show others that it’s possible.” In that moment, they both paused to imagine what it would be like to give it a shot. “Once we said it,” says Chaisson, “we couldn’t unsay it. We had to do it.”

The two women decided to start a firm together. But they wanted a third owner, so they reached out to Emma Rhodes, a solo defence lawyer who’s best known for representing youth. “I’d been on my own for more than a decade, so I was really reluctant,” recalls Rhodes, a 42-year-old single mother with a four-year-old daughter. “But being alone didn’t work for me anymore. Picking my daughter up from school and having dinner with her comes first.” So in August 2016, Rhodes, Parker and Chaisson officially opened Paradigm Law Group LLP.”

Read more here:


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