WLMP Founder Stepping Down as Board Chair

Charlotte Wolters, Founder WLMP

Charlotte Wolters, the Founder of the Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (WLMP), will be stepping down as Board Chair.

“I am excited to transition into an advisor role with the WLMP,” says Wolters, who will continue overseeing special projects with the organization.  “We have built an excellent team of feminist legal leaders who will oversee the WLMP’s future growth and development.”

Ms. Wolters founded the WLMP during her first year of law school in 2010 to address the mentorship gap that she observed as both a student and a professional. After a year of intensive research and meetings with stakeholders, Ms. Wolters put together a team of student leaders to develop her vision of women’s mentorship programming.

In October 2011, Ms. Wolters launched the first WLMP university chapter as a pilot project at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. That chapter will celebrate its fifth year with the introduction of its final element, the WLMP’s Awards program, which will take place during the WLMP’s Legal Leaders Breakfast hosted by the WLMP uOttawa Chapter on September 30, 2016.

The WLMP thanks Ms. Wolters for her immense contribution to women’s legal mentorship. Under her leadership, the WLMP has grown into a national organization that has changed the lives of hundreds of female law students and lawyers all across Canada.

The WLMP is an incorporated not-for-profit that works in partnership with Canadian universities to provide a comprehensive feminist legal mentorship program through its university chapters and WLMP Alumna Network. The goal of the WLMP is to help women develop a support system that will help them throughout their legal careers from the classroom to the courtroom and beyond. The program — the first of its kind in Canada — facilitates peer mentorship, student-lawyer mentorship and professional development and leadership events.

Ms. Wolters will continue to serve as Board Chair until the WLMP’s Annual General Meeting on October 15, 2016. Ms. Wolters’ first book, Feminist Mentorship Gap, is slated to be published in 2018.


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