International Women’s Day — A Time to Celebrate Women You Know

Today is International Women’s Day. It’s a day where we can celebrate how far we’ve come and also thank those women who inspire us to keep going.

There is a lot to celebrate. Canadian women are considered persons thanks to Edwards v Canada (Attorney General), [1930] AC 124 , 1929 UKPC 86. More women enrolled in post secondary institutions. Canada’s federal government leadership reflects the diversity of Canada.

But it’s also important to remember how far we still have to go. Women are still paid less in Canada. Globally the chore gap is not narrowing fast enough and women still suffer disproportionately merely because they are women.

The Canadian Criminal Lawyers Association released its report on the retention of women in criminal practice. The news isn’t good. It’s true that the legal profession has a long way to go to ensuring female lawyers are treated respectfully, paid equally and systemic barriers barring women from continuing to practice are removed.

Change is hard and it doesn’t happen overnight. It means working collectively to overcome the barriers that are holding women back.

With so much work still to do it’s equally important to celebrate those women who continue to inspire you. If you have just 3 minutes today, then consider thanking a woman who inspires you.

Tag a woman or women you know on social media who inspires you. Spread the word about how great they are by using the hashtag #IWD2016

Happy International Women’s Day to all the WLMP Participants, legal mentors and supporters. You inspire us every day. Thank you!


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