Have You Seen the Viral Ad Urging Partners to #ShareTheLoad?

If you are thinking we’re talking about legal partners, then you’ll be disappointed. We’re talking about life partners and the growing conversation about the chore gap.

The chore gap. Melinda Gates has shed light on the inequality faced by women on the home front. The Atlantic magazine covered the topic. We even blogged about it and linked to the Atlantic article on February 24th.

Now BBDO, a global advertising firm, which was apparently the inspiration for Mad Men and is known for its forward thinking ads, has gotten on board. Their Mumbai office decided to reflect the chore gap issue in their laundry detergent ad and promote gender equity at home through their #ShareTheLoad hashtag.

The laundry ad shows a father watching his grown daughter come home from her full-time job, make supper, take care of her son while her partner watches TV. The father reflects on how both he and society contributed to creating the chore gap.

Since the ad aired, it has gone viral. To view it just click on the video below.

Putting aside the criticisms of consumerism and social issue based marketing, this ad campaign does raise the issue of the chore gap and its roots. That’s why we’ve posted this ad.

March is Women’s History Month. The issue of the “chore gap”  is strongly intertwined with women’s history. It’s one of the systemic barriers to women’s careers and progress.

As lawyers and future lawyers, women often come face to face with the chore gap early in their career. In the face of these pressures, the reaction of many will be, “Just hire help. As a lawyer you can afford it.” However, that’s a myth. Canadian law school graduates are incurring huge debt. Just read the Law Students’ Society of Ontario (LSSO) report. This makes hiring help an impossibility for some young women lawyers in their early phase of their careers.

The pressures faced by women on the home front is undeniable. There is an impact on women’s career paths as they juggle their “chores” and their careers. Work life balance isn’t just about having down time to decompress from your busy career. Work life balance is an equity issue.

We encourage everyone to keep the chore gap conversation going at home and at work.


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