At Western University tomorrow? Checkout Cultures of Sexual Violence led by Constance Backhouse

Professor Constance Backhouse, will be speaking on the Cultures of Sexual Violence as part of Western University Women’s Studies and Feminist Research Winter Speakers’ Series on Thursdconstance_backhouse March 3rday, March 3, 2016 at 4:30 PM in  P& AB -106 (Physics and Astronomy Building) at Western University.

Professor Backhouse holds the positions of Distinguished University Professor and University Research Chair at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa.  She is internationally known for her feminist research and publications on sex discrimination and the legal history of gender and race in Canada.  A legal scholar who uses a narrative style of writing, her most recent books and articles profile the fascinating ways in which women and racialized communities have struggled to obtain justice within the legal system.  To learn more about Professor Backhouse click here.

If you are in London and able to go, we highly recommend attending. If you can’t go, then please share the information on this fantastic event.

Need a Western University campus map to point you to the Physics and Astronomy Building click here.

Just need a map of the Physics and Astronomy Building then click here.

For more information on Western University’s Department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research and their events click here.


2 thoughts on “At Western University tomorrow? Checkout Cultures of Sexual Violence led by Constance Backhouse

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