Feminism Discussed at Davos Because It’s 2016

Since the World Economic Forum’s members consist of the top 1,000 corporations with an annual turnover of more than $US 5 billion, feminism isn’t usually a topic discussed at their annual meeting in Davos. Although it should be.

The goal of the World Economic Forum, a not-for-profit established in 1971, is to committed to improving the state of the world. Feminism shares this goal and it seems that Canada reminded business leaders, politicians and celebrities of this.

The Metro UK news reported that Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, speaking in Davos, discussed feminism, stated both men and women shouldn’t be afraid of the word “feminist” and unequivocally stated he was a feminist. Guess feminism is finally reaching into areas it has long been denied because it’s 2016. To read the story and watch the video clip of Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, click here.




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