Great 10th Mentorship Tip: Millennials Beware: ‘You Can’t Let One Bad Guy Push You Out’ has been posting a 10 part Mentoring Moment series.  The series provides a lot of good insight. Since the WLMP focuses addressing the retention of women in the law as well as mentorship and leadership development for law students and young lawyers, we read a lot material on mentorship and leadership development. Overall this series has offers some good lessons.

One of the issues we hear from WLMP mentees and WLMP Alumna as they start their careers is they come across barriers  or are crushed by one bad experience  or a person, who has crushed their spirit and the impact that has on them as they move forward.

Denise Restauri, in her article “Millennials Beware: ‘You Can’t Let One Bad Guy Push You Out'” discusses mentorship with Jacki Zehner, one of the first female traders and youngest woman to make partner at Goldman Sachs. Although Ms. Zehner, who was born in Canada, doesn’t work in the legal profession, her experience is shared by many women.

Learn more about she handled the barriers she came up against as she started out by clicking here


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