Looking for something to read? Checkout some of the Clawbies Award Winners and Nominees Blogs

cropped-4927243431_37d72eb09d_z.jpgLooking for something to read this weekend? The Canadian Law Blogs Awards (a.k.a. the Clawbies) for 2015 were announced. The breath and depth of Canadian law blogs written by law students, professors, lawyers and non-lawyers is incredible.

Checkout the full list of 2015 Clawbie winners here.

One trend the Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (“WLMP”) is happy to see is that more women are blogging. Here are some of the women who are making their mark in the law blogging.

  • Runner up for the Legal Culture Award: Toronto lawyer Valarie Matthews’ blog Young, Smart & Legal.
  • Runners up for the Legal Culture Award: Toronto lawyer Heather Douglas’ Law and Innovation. We’ve highlighted some of Ms. Douglas’ blog posts in the past.
  • Legal Culture Award Winner: Kathryn Marshall’s Lawsome
  • Non Lawyer Audience Award Winner: the University of Windsor’s National Self-Represented Litigants Project (“NSRLP”) lead by Professor Julie Macfarlane blog Representing Yourself Canada.
  • Friend of the North Award Runner Up: Sarah Galssmeyer.
  • Best New Blog Award: Ottawa criminal defence lawyer Anne-Marie McElroy’s blog — McElroy Law Blog.
  • Best Law school/Law Professor Blog Award Runner Up: Lisa Silver at the University of Calgary Faculty of Law — Ideablawg.



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