Bustle.com Gives You 5 Reason the term “Feminism” Empowers

Suzannah Weiss, writing for Bustle.com, outlines five reasons why the word “Feminism” empowers, rather than alienates people. We think they’re work reading.

Weiss points out that “[o[bjections to the word “feminism” often stem from implicit objections to the movement itself. Some people don’t want to identi[f]y with a word associated with women because they don’t want to acknowledge that women are disadvantaged or change that fact.” We hear this perspective a lot from law school students.

With over 50% of law school classrooms being filled with female students, many people don’t think the representation of women in the legal profession is an equity issue. However, upon reviewing the many reports issued by the Law Society of Upper Canada it’s clear that retention of women in the law is an issue. It’s a feminist issue.

Equity and promoting equality for everyone is at the heart of feminism. If you’re wondering why or need some reasons for why feminism empowers, we suggest reading Suzannah Weiss’s  5 Reasons The Word “Feminism” Is Empowering, Not alienatingg here.



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