Why is this news? Study Finds No Differences Between Female & Male Brains

Making the rounds this week are reports of a new study coming out of Tel Aviv University that debunks the myth that female and male brains are built differently. Shockingly, the study concluded there are no differences between “male brains” and “female brains”.

This shouldn’t be groundbreaking to news to any person living in the 21st century, or who has read Marian Lowe’s “The Dialectics of Biology and Culture” published in 1983, or who has a basic understanding of biology. But apparently, it is news that the claims of 19th century medical researchers, who held that women’s brains were structured substantially differently were wrong.

Next time you find yourself faced with someone using biological essentialist arguments for why women can’t do the same jobs as men based on their brains. Just remember, there’s a 21st century study you can rely on to refute their 19th century argument.

To learn more about the Tele Aviv University study and read the New York Times article summing up the study click here.


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