The Votes are in & Ontario’s Benchers for the Next 4 years are…

The votes have been cast and counted. The following is the list of newly elected Law Society of Upper Canada Benchers who will be shaping Ontario’s legal profession for the next four years.

Elected Benchers Outside of Toronto listed by last name:

  • Evans, Robert F.
  • Spurgeon, Andrew
  • Sharda, Raj
  • Beach, Peter
  • Braithwaite, Jack
  • Bickford, Fred J W
  • Donnelly, Teresa
  • McGrath, Susan T.
  • Horvat, Jacqueline A.
  • Corbiere, Dianne G.
  • Hartman, Carol
  • St. Lewis, Joanne
  • Richer, Susan Armatage
  • MacLean, M. Virginia
  • Lerner, Michael M.
  • Earnshaw, Ross F.
  • Cooper, Paul M.
  • Criger, Janis P.
  • Udell, Jerry B.
  • Vespry, M. Anne 

Elected Benchers Inside Toronto listed by last name:

  • Minor, Janet E. (Treasurer)
  • Leiper, Janet
  • Anand, Raj
  • Schabas, Paul B.
  • Falconer, Julian
  • Bredt, Christopher
  • Nishikawa, Sandra Y.
  • Lem, Jeffrey W.
  • Goldblatt, Howard
  • Papageorgiou, Gina
  • Troister, Sidney H.
  • Galati, Rocco
  • McDowell, William C.
  • Groia, Joseph
  • Murchie, Barbara
  • Mercer, Malcolm
  • Callaghan, John
  • Wardle, Peter C.
  • Go, Avvy Yao-Yao
  • Rosenthal, Jonathan M.

The Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (“WLMP”) would like to congratulate all the lawyers who put their names forward in the 2015 Bencher Elections. Ensuring the voices of all Ontario lawyers are represented at Convocation is important not just for lawyers, but for all Ontarians.

We look forward watching how the incoming Benchers tackle the challenges facing Ontario’s legal community and increase access to justice for all Ontarians.

For more information about the 2015 Bencher Elections, check out the Law Society of Upper Canada’s webpage:


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