Why Join the WLMP?

As of September 2011, the Women’s Legal Mentorship Program (WLMP) is the only comprehensive feminist legal mentorship program in Canada. The WLMP helped more than 300 female law students at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Common Law since 2011.

The program consists of three parts that work together and reinforce each aspect of the program — Peer Mentorship, Student-Lawyer Mentorship, and Professional Development & Leadership workshops.

The WLMP is offered to female law students currently enrolled in and taking classes in either the English Common Law Program or the French Common Law Program at the Faculty of Common Law of the University of Ottawa.

So why do you need to join the WLMP?

1) Learning to develop an advocacy based peer network gives you a leg up once your leave law school and enter the legal profession.  Regardless of your legal career path, you will need a solid professional network to succeed 2) Developing your legal reputation takes professionalism, networking, supportive peers and active mentorship. Connecting and practicing the principles now in a safe space gets your ready for the future.3) Legal professionals interviewing students like to see active involvement in peer mentoring and professional development. Active engagement in the WLMP singles your dedication to becoming a professional.

Being a WLMP Participants : how does it work?

Both the Peer Mentee, the Peer Mentor, and the Legal Mentor only commits to 2 hours per month. How you choose to use that time must be negotiated between the mentee and the mentor. You could have a coffee, discuss your classes, visit a courthouse…possibilities are endless!

How do I join?

Fill out the appropriate form by clicking on this link : https://womenslegalmentorship.wordpress.com/2013-2014-peer-mentorship-forms-formulaire-du-mentorat-entre-etudiantes/.

You will then be a Peer Mentorship Participant. Bring your form to FTX 233 (Student Services) or by email to peermentorship.wlmp@gmail.com BEFORE SEPTEMBER 27TH AT 4PM!

I also want a legal mentor : what do I do?

You need to be a Peer Mentorship Participant to participate in the Student-Lawyer Mentorship Program.

You also need to fill out a different form and attached your 2 pages CV/Résumé to the form. Here is the link for the Student-Lawyer Mentorship Program form : https://womenslegalmentorship.wordpress.com/2013-2014-student-lawyer-mentorship-form-formulaire-mentorat-etudiante-juriste/.

Bring your form to FTX 233 (Student Services) or send it by email to wlmp@uottawa.ca BEFORE SEPTEMBER 27TH AT 4PM!

If you have any question regarding the WLMP program : general.wlmp@gmail.com


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