Marathoning (aka exam) madness

By Anna Duvent, 2nd Year English Common Law student 

The marathon is 42.2k long. It is really so long that the distance is unfathomable if you haven’t put yourself through it. I ran my first marathon one month into my first semester of law school and ever since then I have thought of law school in marathoning metaphors.

The first semester of law school is simply a marathon. They both seem like great ideas when you first sign up. There’s the starting line excitement, the point half way through when you realize that you are ONLY half way through, the lonely miles where it seems like no one understands, and the final ridiculous push.

At first the marathon seems tough but only tough in a way that is similar to things you have done before. And that is how law school works as well…until…until you turn a corner and realize that you’ve only just begun. The final 10k in a marathon seems disproportionately long. And the final 10k in a law school semester comes with exam season. You thought you were almost there, but…

That final 10k can be ugly, but its remote beauty is that it is only 10k. No matter how horrible it seems it cannot take forever. And the beauty of exam season is similar. It will seem so long but, in reality, it can’t last forever. The finish line of a marathon is always there.  And when you cross the finish line you feel lighter, happier, and stronger than seemed possible even one kilometer before. And I promise you, when you finish your last exam the finish line will seem just as sweet.

Anna Duvent


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