The Top Reasons You Should Go to WLMP’s ‘Reconfiguring Mentorship Seminar’

This Saturday, February 11th, WLMP is hosting a bound-to-be-fantastic-and-educational event called the “Reconfiguring Mentorship Seminar.”

Here are the reasons you ought to sign up:

1. Only 21 per cent of law firm partners in Ontario are women, and one of them is coming to talk to you. 

It’s shocking that well into the twenty-first century barely one-fifth of partners at Ontario law firms are women. Although they may be a bit of an endangered species, we’ve managed to snag a female law partner as our keynote speaker. Katherine Cooligan, partner at BLG, is both a family law expert and a University of Ottawa alumnus. Come hear about her career path and what it’s like for a woman at the top of the firm.

2. You’ve got a research career ahead of you.

Every time your favourite prof brings up what she’s researching now, you think “You’re so awesome. I wanna be just like you.” Maybe you can! One of our panel sessions is with Professors Jamie Liew, Suzanne Bouclin, and Jena McGill, who will be there to tell you all about their careers in legal academia.

3. You want to open your own practice and are eager to hear from someone who has already done it.

If you would like nothing more than to be the guardian of your own clientele and schedule and think being a sole practitioner would be a dream job, come hear local feminist practitioner Karin Galldin speak about starting up her practice in Ottawa.

4. You wonder what it’s like to work in private practice.

What’s it really like to be a woman lawyer in private practice? How different is it from what you see on tv? Attend the Private Practice Panel and you’ll get to hear from Alison Dewar from Raven Cameron Ballantyne Yazbeck, Hannah King from Iogen Corporation, Janice Payne from Nelligan O’Brien Payne, Katherine Cooligan from BLG, and Lynn Rockman from Steinberg Rockman. They’ll tell you the score.

5. You’re thinking of bypassing legal practice entirely and putting your law degree to good use in a different field. 

Let’s face it, a law degree will surely kickstart your career regardless of whether or not you end up becoming a lawyer. Karin Wells went to law school and eventually ended up with a successful career in journalism at the CBC. Come to the Sole Practice/Alternate Career Panel and hear what she has to say.

6. You love the law and you want to try a bit of everything. 

Penny Collenette is a woman who has been worked in business settings, the PMO, and now is in an academic post at the University of Ottawa. She’ll be able to tell you about her long and varied career at the Sole Practice/Alternate Career Panel.

7. You want to be in an activist role where you can dedicate yourself to an issue you care deeply about. 

Kim Pate, director of the Elizabeth Fry Society, has spent her career advocating on behalf of women in the Canadian prison system. She’ll be there to talk about the challenges and rewards she faces doing the work that she does everyday.

8. You think government lawyering is for you.

The Department of Justice will be well-represented at this event, with lawyers Talitha Nabbali, Elizabeth Sanderson, and Elissa Lieff in attendance. On top of that, we’re also very lucky to present you with an opportunity to hear from Erin Stevens of the Canadian Forces and Louisa Garib, who works in the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

9. Economists are lying when they say “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”

There is such a thing, and it will be provided to you next Saturday if you attend our wonderful seminar!

For questions about the event or information on how to register, email



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