WLMP Announcements

Hi everyone,

This month, we are bidding adieu to Mikaila Greene, a co-founder of the WLMP who served as a 3rd Year & Articling Student Coordinator.

Thank you, Mikaila, for your hard work getting this program off the ground and best of luck in your future endeavours!


In other news, the WLMP is lucky to have found two enthusiastic young women to fill two new positions that were opened last month.

Sophie Arseneault, Peer Mentorship Coordinator

Sophie Arseneault is our new Peer Mentorship Coordinator. She sees the WLMP as a unique program where women gain an opportunity to know more about the study of law.

“The way I see it, the WLMP allows you to discuss concerns you might have about law school with a current student, but also gives you an idea about what it’s like working as a woman in a big firm, small firm, government, or elsewhere,” she says.

“With my contribution, I hope that the program will grow and that all the participants learn how to become great female lawyers.”



Elise Quinn, French Common Law Coordinator

Elise Quinn is the WLMP’s French Common Law Coordinator. She is excited to participate in this program as it is designed to help women in the pursuit of professional career development.

“As French Common law Coordinating Chair, I also look forward to promoting this program to Francophone students and lawyers,” Quinn explains. “[I want to] help foster relationships between women of many provinces where most of us will be experiencing many of the same challenges in the legal profession in the years to come.”


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